How can you earn Second Income from Insurance Sector: LIC Agency

A Brief Introduction

Would you like to work in the insurance sector but have second thoughts due to your full-time job? Do not worry! You can start your journey in the insurance industry without compromising your existing job.

Regardless of your current job, you should always consider a second source of income to enhance your financial security. It can speed up your journey to financial independence by making you save and invest more with each passing year. And when it comes to generating a second income in the insurance industry, there is no other option better than being a LIC agent.

The best aspect of working as a LIC agent is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. Your dedication and efforts may even result in more earnings than your full-time job. Note that only sky’s the limit when it comes to how much you can earn as a LIC agent.

How can working as a LIC agent help you maintain a work-life balance?

Do you think starting a second source of income is a tedious job? Well, it might be, depending on the work structure. Many second-income opportunities need individuals to dedicate long hours outside their full-time job. And it can take a toll on their work-life balance due to the lack of free hours.

Nonetheless, working on a second job should not sound like a compromise to your health, personal life, and social life. So, is there any solution? You need to pick a second job, which allows you to work, according to your preferred hours. One of such rewarding career opportunities in this regard is the LIC agency.

Being a LIC agent gets you many perks, but one of the most attractive ones is the convenience of setting your own working hours. In other words, you can work as your own boss by making goals in terms of your earnings. That would help you to lead a quality life with your near and dear ones. Proper time management would help you boost your performance as a LIC agent while working in a full-time job.

Benefits of working as a Part-Time LIC Agent

The biggest benefit of working as a part-time LIC agent is the convenience of continuing the full-time job, regardless of the industry. Moreover, the network of your existing job can act as the base of your LIC agency.

Leverage the power of your contacts and strive hard to convert as many people as possible into LIC policyholders to take your second income to the next level.

You just need to interact with your office contacts to spread the news of your LIC agency after office hours. And whenever one of your colleagues feels the need of buying a LIC plan, you would be the first person to come to their mind. In other words, you can expect many of your clients from your own office only.

Keeping up the right attitude of helping, supporting, and guiding your office contacts along with resolving their insurance-related queries would further help you get more and more referrals on your journey.

Being a part-time LIC agent offers you the convenience to fix appointments with prospects on a daily and weekly basis without interrupting your office hours.

The perk of flexible working hours in the LIC agency enables you to meet new people and encourage them to buy LIC plans from you at your convenient schedule. And you already know that dedication and willingness to expand your horizon as a LIC agent may attract more earnings than your first job.

You can check out online how much money a dedicated LIC agent is making. Then, you can make an estimated calculation of how much earning potential the LIC agency can bring for you considering your full-time job. You would find the LIC agency as a both rewarding and soul-fulfilling second income opportunity.

Why opt for the LIC Agency as a Second Job?

Do you wonder why you should start your journey as a LIC agent when a number of second-income opportunities are available? The career of a LIC agent (be it part-time or full-time) attracts earnings not only today but also in the future as well.

For instance, the post-sale of a LIC plan attracts 35% of the total premium value in the first year. And that’s not the end of the earnings from that sold policy. The next two consecutive years would also get the agent 7.5% of the total premium amount. Making this opportunity even more rewarding, the sold policy would keep attracting 5% of the premium amount until the end of the policy tenure.

Moreover, if you are looking to work on a soul-fulfilling opportunity, the LIC agency is an ideal option for you. Working in this profession enables you to help and guide individuals to reach their financial goals. As a LIC agent, you would be contributing to social security in the community.

Do you want to attain financial freedom in your life? Then, it is a must to ensure at least two sources of income, unless it might be difficult to cope with day-to-day expenses and keep up financial security.

In addition, it is also mandatory to keep improving your living standards to expand your horizons. That means you have to choose a second job with no restriction on income limit. LIC agency is such a career with the ability to fulfill your earning goals without impacting your current job responsibilities.

Did you know the LIC agency does not have any retirement age? It depends on how long you want to continue your career as a LIC agent. The power is in your hands. Hence, it is high time to start your career as a LIC agent, secure your future, and reach your earning goals.

The prerequisites of starting the LIC agency are not very demanding. The minimum educational qualification in this regard is the 10th marksheet. You also need to go through registration & training and pre-recruitment exam to secure your position as a LIC agent. Do not worry! The exam consists of 50 marks and the cut-off mark is only 17.

What can you expect as a part-time LIC Agent?

Did you know the LIC agency is known to be the highest-paid career in India? High-level agents are even earning around 3 to 4 Crores annually. So, you can comprehend the earning potential of this career.

Despite your commitment to your current job, you can still manage to generate a substantial income by working as a part-time LIC agent. You just need to manage your time efficiently and grasp the tactics of growing your LIC agency.

A career in the LIC agency does not come with any specific salary. That means you can set your income goals and earn as much as you want. As a LIC agent, you would receive a commission upon selling a LIC policy.

Needless to say, there is a long list of perks linked with a career in the LIC agency. For instance, once you have met the specific criteria, you would be eligible to enter different LIC club membership, and the honor and benefits coming with these memberships would blow your mind.

Since the earning of a LIC agent is based on the commission paid by the Life Insurance Corporation of India, the more premium amount paid by the policyholder the more will be the commission.

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