How to become a LIC Agent in Mumbai? A Detailed Discussion

A Brief Introduction

There is hardly anyone in India who is not familiar with the Life Insurance Corporation of India or LIC. In short, LIC is the topmost insurance company in the country, which has been serving Indian citizens for many decades to date. Numerous policyholders have been extracting incredible benefits and protecting their lives by leveraging the power of LIC policies.

However, when it comes to investing in LIC policies, the concept of LIC agents comes up automatically. In simple words, LIC agents play some crucial roles in the lives of LIC policyholders.

LIC agents leave no stone unturned to educate people regarding various beneficial insurance policies to help safeguard their lives. Hence, if you would like to help people make decisions regarding investments in LIC policies in Mumbai while making a career in the insurance industry in India, then you should know about the steps to become a LIC agent in Mumbai.

LIC Agent in Mumbai: What is it about?

LIC India aims to help Indian citizens to safeguard their lives with an array of profitable insurance policies. That is why this national insurance provider of the country needs to reach as many people as possible with its services. And it is the role of LIC agents to cater to this requirement. In short, LIC agents work as contractors, who help LIC India to get new policyholders.

Many people, such as students, senior citizens, businesspeople, or homemakers, have started preferring to be LIC agents. Did you know some people became LIC agents with their full-time jobs to make a second source of income?

If you are interested in becoming a LIC agent, there is some good news for you. LIC India made a change in the eligibility criteria for becoming a LIC agent with respect to educational qualifications. Now, you can start your career as a LIC agent if you have passed the class-10 examination. Moreover, you can decide whether you want to be an agent part-time or full-time.

In addition, there is no limit on earning when you are a LIC agent. That means the more dedication you would give to your profession, the more chance you would get to increase your earnings. Hence, if you are from Mumbai and interested in working independently, then you can choose to become a LIC agent in Mumbai.

Becoming a LIC Agent in Mumbai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to become a LIC agent in Mumbai? If yes, then you would have to execute the following steps:

Get in Touch with the Right People

Have you decided to start a career as a LIC agent in Mumbai? Then, firstly, you need to reach out to your nearest LIC branch in Mumbai and get in touch with the Development Officer. However, if you go through hectic schedules, you can fill out your application form online as well on Career in LIC website.

On the website, search for the application form mentioning "Apply to become LIC Agent". Fill in the form with all the needful details to get the Development Officer to reach out to you with further information.

Complete the Necessary Training Process

The next step is to complete the training mandated by IRDAI. The total duration of this training is 25 hours. In addition, candidates need to make their presence at the Divisional or Agency Training Centre to start and complete their training to become a LIC agent. You can complete training through online module also.

Clear the Examination

Becoming a LIC agent needs you to pass the Pre-Recruitment Examination (IC38). The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) conducts this exam to select competent candidates from the pool of applicants. Note that you need to score at least 30% or a minimum of 17 correct answers out of 50 to qualify for the test.

Furthermore, you need to submit documents regarding your age proof, education proof, address proof, and bank details.

Get Licensing

Once you have succeeded in the test, you would be provided with the appointment letter as well as the LIC agent license. And it marks the beginning of your career as a LIC agent in Mumbai. In other words, the LIC Branch Office of Mumbai would appoint you as an agent. Next, you would start working in the team under the Development Officer.

Keep Reporting

Once you have started your journey, you need to keep reporting to the Development Officer regarding your work status, challenges, and accomplishments.

More Information

Do not forget to leverage the power of the LIC Agent Portal or the LIC Agent App to manage your tasks as well as goals.

Starting a journey as a LIC agent needs a candidate to complete the registration, training, and examination procedures for which they would be asked to pay nominal charges.

Note that the total cost (inclusive of all the charges as well as the prices for study materials) is approx. ₹800.

Becoming a LIC Agent: Which Documents are required?

You need to submit a copy of your class 10 mark sheet, an address proof (Aadhar card, Voter ID, PAN card, and Driving license), and six passport-size photos.

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