How to work as a part-time LIC Agent? A Step-by-Step Guide

A Brief Introduction

Are you searching for a part-time job to provide additional support to your family? Nowadays, leading a comfortable life needs one to ensure at least two sources of income. That means while in a full-time job, you need to start looking for a second job.

And one of the best and most rewarding ways in this regard is to start a journey as a LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) agent. Not only does the career of an insurance agent help you reach your earning goals but also ensures a soul-fulfilling experience for you.

LIC comes with diverse insurance products, such as life insurance, pension plans, health insurance, and so on. And as a LIC agent, your job would be to promote these products and inspire individuals to buy plans from you.

Many people consider selling insurance plans a tough task, as they think of them as having insufficient convincing skills. Nonetheless, solid strategies and planning along with the proper execution of the same streamline the entire process.

Being a LIC agent comes with lots of attractive perks, including club membership (upon the fulfillment of prerequisites). Even LIC agents can apply for loans at attractive interest rates to fulfill their dreams of owning a home. Moreover, you can help people make financial decisions with your knowledge and advice.

It does not matter if you want to start your career in this regard as a part-time LIC agent. Your dedication and expertise would be considered while evaluating your success. Needless to say, LIC agency offers one the freedom to set their time and income goals and enables them to work at their own pace.

Working as a Part-Time LIC Agent

When it comes to opting for a second job, the LIC agency makes one of the top entries on the list. It is also a prestigious position, as a LIC agent contributes to society by helping and supporting people throughout their financial journeys. It is not only about selling plans to people and generating income.

As a LIC agent, you would work as a mediator between the Life Insurance Corporation of India and the potential insurance buyers. You need to strive hard to encourage as many prospective clients as possible to convince them to become your clients.

Since you also need to take care of your existing job, choose a convenient schedule where you can play the role of a LIC agent without any interruptions. Do not go overboard. Always maintain a proper work-life balance to give 100% in both of your jobs.

Note that LIC agency does not come with any fixed salary. The more plans you sell, the more income you can generate. In other words, there is no limit that you can earn being a LIC agent. Moreover, you can work as many years as you want, as there is no concept of retirement as a LIC agent.

LIC agency is one of the best self-employment strategies at the current time. Proper planning and dedication even get you to earn more than your full-time job’s salary. Once you touch that benchmark, it is up to you whether or not you would like to convert your part-time LIC agency into a full-time business.

How to start your Second Source of Income as a LIC Agent?

Have you decided to start your second job as a LIC agent? If yes, then you have to get ready to go through the steps to start your journey. You can apply for the post online by visiting website, submit your details on it and team will help to complete further process.

Next, you need to crack the interview taken by the Branch Manager at a specified LIC office. Upon the success of the interview round, you need to start a LIC-organized free training.

You just need to visit the training venue in your city, which would be a LIC office (you would be informed about every detail). In case your native place is a village or town, you need to arrange your transportation beforehand to the nearest training center to complete the process.

The training duration is 25 hours, spreading through 3 to 4 days. The main goal of this training is to prepare candidates as LIC agents. That means the training would teach you everything that you would need to start and keep up your career as a LIC agent.

Moreover, you are also going to know about the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or IRDA. It is mandatory to be familiar with the IRDA rules followed by insurance companies.

The next step is to complete the registration process for your LIC exam. Once you have completed your training, start preparing to register for the Online Agent Mock Test.

The exam comprises 50 marks, and you need to secure at least 17 marks to qualify as a LIC agent. Try to score as high score as possible to show your efficacy and willingness as a LIC agent. Once you have qualified, you are good to go! Get ready to start working as a LIC agent.

If you work as a full-time employee in an organization, you need to manage your time accordingly to start your LIC agency. Dedication and consistency are keys to ensuring your success.

Some Effective Tips to start a successful journey as a part-time LIC Agent

You decided to start a second source of income by working as a part-time LIC agent. Now, you have successfully achieved one milestone by attaining the LIC agent status. However, if you wonder how to lead your journey to success while working in your full-time job, the following tips would help you:

Let your colleagues know about your second job, and you can expect some of your initial clients from your office only. At least, whenever someone feels the need to buy a LIC plan, the first person they would think to get advice is you.

Plan your weekly goals every time. For instance, you need to be clear about how many prospective clients you are going to call or how many in-person meetings you would attend in a week.

Try to participate in as many training and seminars as possible to take your skills and expertise to the next level. Thus, you can also expand your networks and meet like-minded people to keep your motivation intact.

Leverage the power of social media channels. Let people know that you have started a LIC agency. The more people know about your services, the more success you can expect. Explain in detail how you help and support people in making financial decisions through the most suitable LIC plans for them.

Interact with people online and encourage them to think about purchasing LIC plans by explaining the values every plan comes with. The more you interact with potential clients, the more would be your credibility and authenticity.

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